Procreate Animation For Non-Animators: Make Your Illustrations Move

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Are you an illustrator who loves working in Procreate on your iPad and you want to take your first steps into animation?

Welcome! This is a beginner-friendly class for artists who have no (or very little) experience with animation.
Charge up your iPad and get ready.

Together we will illustrate a character and add animated elements into the artwork.

We will go through the following steps together:

An introduction to shape theory and a character design warm up
Tips on brainstorming for a theme and doing initial sketches
Tying down your design, thoughts on what you can add in order to animate it
An in depth guide on how to set up in Procreate and prepare your file for our purposes
Creating a beautiful illustration of your character with a couple of helpful insights into my technique and style decisions
An introduction to animation and the usage of Procreates animation assist
Adding in different kinds of animation into the illustration and some inspiration on what else you could do with your new skills
How to export and into what kind of files you can export your artwork as

--- "Why should I take this Class and is it for me?" ---

Animation is always an eye-catcher.
By learning this skill, you will be able to elevate your art into another dimension (like... literally). You will find a new understanding of shape and dimensions, and solidify your drawing skills.

Especially in the time of video content taking over the internet (TikTok and Instagram Reels), this can be a new way to present your work, entertain others or create client work if you are a professional artist.

This class is for all artists, hobbyists and professionals alike.
You should bring some general illustration skills, hunger for knowledge and an iPad with Procreate - everything else you can learn in this class.

I highly recommend you to download all class resources.
In there you will find

The Character Design Warm up worksheets (2 pages)
If you want to follow my personal theme: A quick Guide to D&D Characters (bullet points and associations regarding archetypes of classes and ethnicities)
A workbook PDF containing the most important takeaways as well key concepts of the core lessons
A link to my original Procreate files of the artworks in this class (please note that these are meant as studying material only. Do not post these artworks without my explicit permission.)
Have fun :)