Expressive Character Lip Sync: Animating Emotion and Body Language

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This class is about Lip Sync in 2D animation! There is a lot more to the way we talk than just our lips flapping.

So I will teach you what to keep in mind when creating a character for animation, some insights into and basic knowledge about acting - and of course: how to synchronize the mouth of an animated character to a line of dialogue!

Is this class for me?

I recommend this class for intermediate students, but also for beginners who like a challenge.
A first idea about 2D animation is of advantage, but not required. As I am working and showing everything digitally, you should be comfortable with this medium.
If you are new to animation and up for a challenge, don’t be shy and join in!

Why should I learn this stuff?

A very legit question. 2D Animation in general will give you a better understanding of shapes in three dimensions. You will level up your art, and gain confidence in linework and gestures!

Lip synching in particular is a fun way to for example send personalized messages to a dear friend, or create a unique digital invitation. You can use it in your own projects to dive deeper into the stories you are telling, and breathe life into your characters.

Do I need some specific tools?

In this course you will see me using Photoshop predominantly. But since this is not a class on software skills, you can use whatever tool you like that gives you the possibility of animation.

Some popular examples are: Procreate (iPad), Clip Studio Paint or Toon Boom Harmony.

Join me on this journey to put words into a drawn characters mouth (it’s not the new way of gaslighting, promised!).

With the tools for animation in hand, you can open many new options in the way you are creating things.

The most important thing is: Have fun.